Decron Hoof Boot

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Decron Hoof Poultice Hoof Boot

A comfortable boot for horses

The benefits and features of the Decron Hoof Poultice Boot:

The Decron Hoof Boot is ideal for air and land travel. The Decron Hoof Boot protects the horse’s hooves and limbs from injury caused by the shoes being pulled during travel.

The Decron Hoof Boot offers the ideal protection and support for the hoof. This is the most effective and convenient way to apply a protective bandage.

The Decron Hoof Boot encourages an affected horse or pony to move around more freely.

The Decron Hoof Boot is beneficial to unshod horses moving from one area to another over a rough surface.

Instructions for use:

Place the Decron Hoof Boot onto the hoof and pull the tabs firmly – the orthopaedic felt will stretch around the bulbs of the heel, ensuring a nice firm fit. It is important that the boot does not shift when placed under pressure.

Use a cohesive bandage to totally wrap the Decron Hoof Boot, extending the bandage half way up the pastern, so it is firm but not tight on the skin. This ensures that the Decron Hoof Boot is airtight. Depending on the conditions underfoot, the Decron Hoof Boot can be made more durable by covering the cohesive bandage with an adhesive bandage.