Vetsense Dolomite

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Dolomite 1Kg

Vetsense Gen Pack Dolomite

Vetsense Gen Pack products are supplied in bulk quantities in generic packaging, making them a highly economical choice. All Vetsense products are quality assured and Australian made, so you can be sure you are not compromising on safety or efficacy.

Vetsense Gen Pack is believed to assist animals as a supplementary source of calcium and magnesium. Formulated with the properties of dolomite, Gen Packs are thought to act as a support for bone growth, repair, and strength. The formula can be used as a general aid to add to your pets daily feeding. Vetsense Gen Pack is believed to support your pet with healthy muscle contractions and blood clotting, and has been formulated with the intension to support a healthy metabolic system.

Key Benefits

  • Supplementary source calcium
  • Supplementary source magnesium
  • May assist bone growth, repair and strength
  • May assist muscle contractions
  • May assist metabolism function