ranvet electro paste 60g

Ranvet Electro Paste

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Ranvet Electro Paste 60g

Supplies a highly concentrated source of B-Group Vitamins for energy replenishment.
- Stimulates thirst, decreasing recovery time
- Supplies all critical electrolytes required for optimal performance. Maintains body fluid balance.
- Supplies anti-oxidants to reduce tissue damage via the effects of free radicals.
- Rapidly metabolised and absorbed.
- Ideal for travelling horses where rapid, convenient, easily transportable electrolyte replenishment is required.
- Reduces the incidence of dehydration, muscle fatigue, poor performance and delayed recovery after strenuous exercise.
- Allows optimal performance in all extreme environmental conditions.
- Reduces electrolyte loss and stress of travel.
- Maintains cell integrity during hard work.
Administer paste orally over the back of the tongue as required after exercise or transportation. Always ensure access to clean, fresh drinking water after dosing. Electro Paste is recommended for use in addition to daily in-feed electrolyte supplementation.

30-60mL immediately after exercise, dependant on duration and intensity of exercise (500kg body weight). Following long distance transportation 30-60mL on arrival. Ponies (200-300kg body weight) should receive half the recommended dose rate.