Delta Hoof Boots

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Delta Hoof Boots

Excellent for all-terrain hoof protection. The Delta Hoof Boot provides comfort for horses with sensitive soles, protection for bare foot horses, or for rehabilitation from hoof injuries. The Delta Hoof Boot can also add protection and extra traction for the shod horse.

Features and Benefits :
-Easy to put on and take off; stays securely on the foot
-Raised inner rim offers built in sole relief
-Foam filled back flap and collar for added comfort and protection
-Durable nylon upper with industrial grade Velcro closures
-High Performance urethane outsole shock absorption while providing traction similar to an unshod foot
-Drainage holes keep the feet dry and healthy
-Pastern wraps available for extended wear 


(Hoof Length)

Size 000
102mm - 109mm
Size 00 110mm - 117mm
Size 0 118mm - 125mm
Size 1
126mm - 133mm
Size 2
134mm - 141mm
Size 3
142mm - 149mm
Size 4
150mm - 157mm