False Tail Colour Selection Guide

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Please note this is only a guide, If you are local come in with a full length sample of the existing tail, snip from the middle of the tail at the base. Or you can send the sample in the mail to us with your contact information.


A-1.  Natural Black

A-2. Dyed Black

A-3. Pure White

A-4. Natural White

A-5. Cream White

A-6. Light Chestnut

A-7. Dark Chestnut

A-8. Chestnut.

A-9. Light Grey

A-10. Medium Grey

A-11. Dark Grey

A-12. White & Light Chestnut

A-13. Chestnut & Flaxen

A-14. Black, Chestnut & Flaxen

A-15. Mixed

A-16. Flaxen

A-17. Palomino