Ranvet Folactin Blue

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Ranvet Folactin Blue 5kg

Folactin Blue is a premium grade mineral supplement which has been formulated to meet the specific mineral requirements of stabled horses being fed high grain diets.   Due to their unnatural environment, stabled horses in work have very different mineral and vitamin requirements from horses at pasture.

Folactin Blue is Beneficial for:

  • overcoming shifting lameness and general bone weakness caused by high grain, low roughage diets.  Such diets are commonly deficient in vitamins A, D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper.

Used daily, Folactin Blue helps to overcome mineral imbalances, and aids proper absorption, utilisation and retention of calcium and phosphorous in the horses system.

Available in 5kg and 20kg. 

Dose:  (a 30g measure is provided)

60g:  Racehorses in training.
30g:  Spelling horses.
30g:  Weanlings and yearlings.
15g:  Foals (creep-fed)
30g:  Pregnant and lactating mares
60g:  Stallions at stud.

A 5kg bucket contains approx 83 x 60g doses.

Directions for Use:

Mix the powder throroughly through the feed, or alternatively mix with a little dampened feed and add to the full feed.