Equilibrium Mineral Mix Yellow

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Equilibrium Mineral Mix Yellow 12Kg

Equilibrium Mineral Mix and Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix contain the same Minerals and Vitamins however Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix has a mega dose of Vitamin B1 and Magnesium which aid in the normal function of the nervous system. Equilibrium Mineral Mix is recommended for all horses and Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix is recommended for horses that are nervous and exciteable. Both products are designed to be fed daily mixed with feed or they can be left out as a loose lick for paddocked horses. Why Choose Equilibrium Mineral Mix? Economical One 22kg bag lasts the average horse 12 months All In One No additional Vitamin, Mineral or Electrolyte supplementation required All in the Balance A uniquely balanced supplement designed to provide what is lacking in roughage and concentrates (pellets, grain, premixed feed) For All Horses Recommended for all ages and all breeds. The dose is varied according to age, type and workload. For All Conditions Recommended for all soil and grass types. Developed by a Veterinarian Dr Lex Wills BVSc MACVSc Initially developed for his own horses and at the request of numerous clients it was then sold through his Veterinary Practice. Driven by demand Equilibrium Mineral Mix is now available throughout Australia and Asia