Kelato Loosen Up

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Kelato Loosen Up 600gm

Helps prevent tying up.
Reduces muscle damage and fatigue.
High potency vitamin E supplement with organic chromium.

Horse tying up? Better use LoosenUP!

Tying up is an ailment that occurs even in fit horses, and usually during or after exercise. Symptoms range from mild hind limb stiffness, pain and sweating to a total reluctance to move, and if left untreated, can result in severe damage to muscle cells.

Introducing LoosenUP, an effective vitamin, mineral and organic chromium supplement to treat and, more importantly, help prevent tying up and muscle damage.

Scientific studies have shown the likely cause of tying up to be raised cortisol levels in the body. This is caused by increased blood glucose levels due to factors such as a high intake of more digestible starch (as found in oats), or even stress. However, the organic chromium in LoosenUPhas been shown to reduce cortisol levels, and thereby help prevent tying up.

In addition, LoosenUP's optimum balance of specific vitamins and minerals further assists in reducing the incidence of tying up, whilst also helping prevent muscle fatigue, as caused by lactic acid build up. These other specific vitamins and minerals include Vitamin E and Selenium (to repair and prevent muscle damage), Magnesium (to help prevent cramping) and Vitamin C (required when stress occurs).

LoosenUP is ideally designed to beat wear and tear before it ties your horse down.

Moreover, LoosenUP contains a potent, stable, high purity grade of Vitamin E, which has been shown in trials to increase stamina and competitive performance in horses.

Benefits of LoosenUP.

  • Lower cost Vitamin E Supplement - Contains high levels of Vitamin E, plus added Selenium, antioxidants and key muscle enzyme reducing compounds, for less daily cost than most supplements containing Vitamin E alone.
  • Effective - reduces cortisol levels and lactic acid to help prevent tying up and muscle fatigue
  • Safe - Pure organic chromium, mineral and vitamin composition
  • Agreeable - Suitable for horses and ponies
  • Easy to use - Just mix in with the feed
  • Complete - contains all the necessary nutrients at optimum levels to help control tying up and muscle fatigue