qld itch ease

Qld Itch Ease

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Qld Itch Ease

Mineral supplement designed especially for QLD Itch Horses! 

For the first time there is a feed supplement that has been created to target the immune response to the initial bite. 

QLD ITCH EASE goes to work drawing pathogens from the inside and flushing these out, whilst replacing the bad bacteria with good ones. It further boosts the immune system whilst stabilising an over activeresponse to an itchy bite.

After only 2 weeks of feeding 50g daily you will notice a rapid transformation. 

Safe for pregnant mares, foals, stallions. Does not contain any drugs, dairy, herbs or chemicals - just minerals and amino acids that compliment immunity, healing and have anti- inflammatory properties.

Available in 2.5kg $85.00 & 6.5kg $189.00