musca-ban 500ml

Musca-Ban Fly Repellant

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Musca-Ban 500ml

Musca-Ban Spray is a pet insecticidal spray for dogs, cats and horses. Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray has dual knockdown strength to protect pets from flies and mosquitoes. At the same time, Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray fights fleas and lice on dogs and cats.

Musca-Ban contains natural insecticides like pyrethrins. Pyrethrins work rapidly - they penetrate the insect’s nervous system and knocks them down upon contact. However pyrethrins are non-toxic to humans - they do not accumulate on skin tissues and are non-irritable, making Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray deadly on insects yet friendly on pets and pet owners alike.