potties cider vinegar 5l

Potties Cider Vinegar

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Potties Cider Vinegar 5L

The Pottie's Cider Vinegar 8% with Vitamin B1 offered by the company helps in settling the digestive system of horses. It also aids horses that are not fed good quality grain or hay and do not have access to quality pastures.

The Vitamin B1 is synthesised by bacterial action in the horse's colon. It promotes growth and induces carbohydrate metabolism to increase the energy level in the horses. The Vitamin B1 assists in the function of horse muscles. It improves the effective functioning of the heart and nerve transmission system. The Vitamin B1 has a calming effect on horses. The Pottie's Cider Vinegar 8% can reduce the diseases in joints as well as chances of tying up (Azoturia).

The Pottie's Cider Vinegar 8% is manufactured by Sykes Vet International from dessert apples that have low acid and tannin content. The apples are crushed and fermented. The resulting vinegar contains approximately 4.5 per cent of acetic acid bacteria, along with yeast and apple particles. More acetic acid is added to double the acid strength to 8 per cent. The vinegar contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, cobalt, iron, manganese, zinc, nickel and copper.