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Kohnke's Cell Vital

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Kohnke's Cell Vital 3.5kg

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Concentrated Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Horses  

Helps correct dietary shortfalls of essential micro-nutrients in the diets of:
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Racing Horses – an affordable, high potency supplement for breaking in, pre-training and racing.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Performance Horses – training and competition economical ration ‘balancer’.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Equestrian Horses – optimum health and coat for competition and show.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Pleasure Horses – correcting low nutrient levels for health and vitality.

Each 40g supplementary amount provides all essential trace-minerals and vitamins, with higher levels of many trace-minerals and vitamins than most other supplements, including... 

cellvitalstar.jpg - 2046 Bytes Zinc (including organic forms) – 480mg
cellvitalstar.jpg - 2046 Bytes Iron and manganese (including organic forms) – 350 mg
cellvitalstar.jpg - 2046 Bytes Organic Selenium – 2.1 mg
cellvitalstar.jpg - 2046 Bytes Organic Chromium – 5 mg
cellvitalstar.jpg - 2046 Bytes Vitamin A – 50,000 IU
cellvitalstar.jpg - 2046 Bytes Vitamin E – 720 IU
cellvitalstar.jpg - 2046 Bytes Optimum levels of all essential vitamins

Innovative 2 Supplet® blend 
brownsupplet.jpg - 1468 Bytes Brown Supplet® Pellets – full range of trace-minerals with organic selenium and chromium
yellowsupplet.jpg - 19906 Bytes Golden Supplet® Pellets – all essential vitamins in a separate Supplet® to eliminate trace-mineral interaction for maximum potency.

A Highly Palatable and Potency Protected Supplet® blend that eliminates Sift-Out, Dust and Sludging in the feed bin.

 Pack Sizes: 1.2kg (30 x 40g doses) 
                    3.5kg (87 x 40g doses) 
                    10kg (250 x 40g doses)
                    20kg (500 doses)

The handy 1.2kg Pack – At 20g/day provides 6 week’s supply for an equestrian horse and 3 month’s for a pony at 10g/day!