sootha nerves & stress

Sootha Nerves & Stress

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Sootha Nerves & Stress


  • For nervy, stressed & irritable behaviour in horses. 
  • Soothes nervous symptoms like excitability, muscular twitching, diarrhoea, muscle stiffness caused by deficiencies of B group vitamins & tryptophan.
  • Tryptophan, vitamin B6 & Magnesium act as mood stabilisers.
  • Also contains a probiotic, "Protexin", which helps the growth of beneficial gut bacteria in the intestine.
  • Is non-swabbing & contains no prohibited substances.

Beneficial For:

  • Horses already in stressed condition, or those likely to become stressed from training, transportation, breaking in or change of environment.
  • Horses on high grain, low-roughage diets, & confined to stables throughout the day.


  • Available in 450g, 1.8kg & 4kg.
  • 450g lasts approx 15 days.  1.8 kg lasts approx 60 days.

Daily Dose:

  • Horses: 30g/day
  • Horses under stress: 45g/day
  • Ponies: 15g/day

A 30g measure is provided.

Directions for Use:

Mix the powder through the feed.  For picky eaters, it may be advisable to introduce at a lower level & gradually increase to the full dose.