Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

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Decron Leg Wrap Poultice



The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice has been developed by leading international veterinarians, trainers and horsemen whose responsibility it is to manage horse injuries.

The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice assists in the management of strains and sprains, cellulitis, shin soreness, bruising, swelling and inflammation of horse’s legs and also for the treatment of open wounds.

The unique combination of natural essential herbal oils in a glycerine base provides an ideal natural dressing for inflamed tissues and wounds that has been tested by veterinarians in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful and demanding trainers in a range of challenging environments.

The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice provides the secrets to managing wounds and lower limb problems in a simple, easy-to-use system.


How to apply the Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

1. Before using the Decron Leg Wrap Poultice, thoroughly clean the wound area or inflamed limb with a non-irritant antiseptic scrub and clean your own hands thoroughly.

2. Remove leg wrap from packaging and cut poultice wrap to required size.

3. Peel away the plastic film to expose the gel side of poultice wrap, and apply gel to affected area.

4. Place a leg pad over the gel wrap, and cover firmly with a bandage ensuring an airtight environment.