white healer 100g

White Healer Cream

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Ranvet White Healer Cream

Powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity.
* Strong astringent and germicidal action.
* Safe, effective and easy first aid for all skin
damage and infections.
* No added pharmaceutical drugs.
* Smooth, easy to apply zinc cream base.
* All natural ingredients.


Protects a wide variety of wounds and
* Controls infection of skin wounds.
* Controls fungal skin infections.
* Protects skin wounds whilst simultaneously
encouraging healing.
* For use on a wide variety of skin ailments
including minor skin wounds, rope burns,
greasy heel, rain scald, mud fever and skin
irritations associated with girth galls and
cracked heels.
* Able to be used in conjunction with Ranvet
Dermaguard Wash to control fungal infections
in horses and camels.
* Non-toxic

Clean dirt or dried discharge from the area of application. Apply Ranvet White Healer liberally to the affected
area once or twice daily until the condition is resolved.