B Quiet 4kg

B-Quiet 4kg

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EQUIVIT B-Quiet provides high levels of thiamine to treat symptoms of thiamine deficiency including hyperirritability and nervousness. It is useful for horses that are excitable, poor travellers, nervous away from home, prone to tying up, mares in season and 'heated up' by grain. EQUIVIT B-Quiet also supplies high levels of thiamine for horses on high grain intakes in heavy training to aid energy utilization and promote appetite. 
Composition: Each 30 g contains 1000 mg of thiamine. 
Dosage and administration: For nervous horses and other horses showing signs of thiamine deficiency, give 30 grams per day (one heaped scoop) mixed in the feed for as long as signs persist. Feed 30 grams per day mixed in the feed to horses on high grain intakes in heavy training.

Available in 4Kg & 1.5Kg