Permoxin 1Litre

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Permoxin 1Litre

Paralysis Tick Control

Flea Control and Management of Flea Allergic Dermatitis

Fly Nuisance on Horses

Management of Queensland Itch

General Purpose Insect Repellent

Use as a Spray or Rinse

Safe for use on pregnant and lactating animals


250mL and 1L


Dogs and Horses


4.0% Permethrin 25:75(cis:trans) A highly effective insecticide and tickicide with insect repellent activity


Highly Effective Tickicide and Insecticide. In laboratory trials, a single application of PERMOXIN prevents tick attachment for over two weeks and resulted in greater than 98% flea control for 20 days.

Flea and Insect Repellent. When applied daily to flea allergic dogs, PERMOXIN repels fleas and gives relief to the pruritic dog. In fact, the high safety margin means that Permoxin can be applied as often as needed, to maintain the repellent action.

Binds to the Hair Coat. PERMOXIN utilises advanced technology which allows it to bind to clean hair and skin for long acting effectiveness. Peak activity is maintained by regular weekly top up rinses to produce saturation of the hair coat.

Resists Inactivation by Light. This ensures a longer duration of action than the natural pyrethrins which decompose rapidly on exposure to air and light.

Permoxin for Horses and Dogs