Min-A-Vit Racing and Breeding

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Min-A-Vit Racing and Breeding

Min-A-Vit Racing & Breeding is a vitamin and mineral supplement for horses.

The importance of minerals and vitamins is often underestimated. The role of minerals and vitamins is to improve the nutrient value of feed by supplementing those nutrients, which are low or inadequate in commonly used grain, protein meals, chaff and hays.

Min-A-Vit Racing and Breeding contains a balanced level of the essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for optimum bone and joint growth and development in young horses and the maintenance of the 'bone bank' in working horses. It provides a wide range of other nutrients, including the trace-elements of copper, manganese and zinc for joint and growth plate development and vitamin E for muscle development in unborn foals and growing horses.

For working horses, Min-A-Vit Racing and Breeding helps to maintain bone strength, blood production, muscle function and the immune system, especially in horses on high grain diets. In addition, inclusion of chromium improves growth performance and serum traits as well as reproductive response in horses. This combination of essential nutrients which include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, essential trace-minerals and vitamins is suitable for all horses whether they are in work, growing, pregnant or lactating.

PRESENTATION: A grey powder, with dust reduction technology.


Mix Min-A-Vit Racing & Breeding into wet or dry feeds, preferably giving half the dose in each of the morning and evening feeds. Commence use with a smaller amount than directed then increase in a stepwise manner over 4-5 days to the full amount as recommended in the table opposite.

One level scoop (supplied in each pack) contains 40g of Min-A-Vit Racing & Breeding


4kg (contains 100 x 40g doses)