Accredited Saddle Fitters

Horse Rug Repairs

R.M.Williams Boot Repairs

Hat Cleaning, Shaping &   Stretching

Clipper Blade Sharpening


Saddle Fitting Service


Mobile Saddle fitting service with a qualified consultant. 

A saddle that fits perfectly is the first step to success.

Considering the substantial outlay of a new saddle, it makes sense to make sure your saddle fits your horse correctly. You can either bring the horse to us at the store/ Caboolture Showgrounds or we can come out to your property and do the saddle fitting.

We cater for all disciplines.


Rug Repairs

We offer a prompt Rug repairs service, All canvas, cotton and Light horse rugs can be repaired. Repairs are always done with new fabrics, quality fittings and heavy duty threads.

If your rug is not repairable and we think you would be wasting your money we will ring and let you know.

 Rugs must be dropped off clean and dry.


Clipper Blade Sharpening


Blade Sharpening - All clipper blades professionally sharpened both steel and ceramic.  We also sharpen scissors & knives.

Sharpening is done on factory-approved equipment, known as hollow-ground which creates more pressure at the tips of the blade teeth, thus eliminating dragging and jamming of hair.  Blades will cut smoother & stay sharp longer.  Blades are disassembled, cleaned, and then checked for worn parts.  After sharpening, they are dipped in Oster blade wash, oiled, reassembled and checked for proper tension and alignment.

When posting your clipper blades, use sturdy packaging to protect your blades against damage/missing blades in transit.  Use a padded bag when sending blades - also use bubble wrap for extra protection. 
DO NOT post blades in just an envelope.


Extremely cost effective at $20.00 per blade set




In store we have a hat steamer where we can shape Western Hats & felt hats. Stretch older hats that have shrunk in size over time and we also have a cleaning service where we can clean your hats.