Lip Cord & Lead

Lip Cord & Lead

  • Premium leather halter lip cord lead.

  • Please Note: Under AQHA rules the lip cord lead is only acceptable in Amateur and Open Halter classes for stallions 1 year of age and older. It is prohibited for use on weanlings, mares and geldings. 

  • Comfortable wear-resistant poly blend 3/8" round cord is non-abrasive. It measures 27" long and attaches with a nickel plated swivel to the 6'8" leather lead. Has two adjustable rubber stops.
  • The lip cord lead was created to adhere to AQHA rules. It is designed to improve safety when handling stallions and encouraging a kinder method of curbing stallion behavior. Lip cord must be applied over the gums. It must have an unsecured rubber keeper on the near side that keeps the cord in place.The lip cord stallion lead is supple, dark grade A leather for beauty and longevity.