Mens Stainless Spurs

Stainless Steel Equitation Ball Spur

  • Perfect for that finished, polished and refined look
  • Long, inward neck limits foot and leg movement
  • Made of stainless steel polished to high shine finish
  • Hinged spur button and a very mild ball end
  • Band width:  1 ½”
  • Heel width:  3”
  • Neck length:  3”
  • Ball diameter:  ¾”





Mens & Ladies Pleasure Horse Spurs

silver pleasure horse spurs 78-9989-7

Silver Pleasure Horse Spurs

Antique brown finish with hand engraved German silver pleasure horse and decorative overlay. 10 pt rowel.

Mens Black Steel Spurs

silver star spur with floral overlay 78-9714

Silver Star Spur with Floral Overlay

Black steel spurs with 10 point rowel and engraved silver floral overlay and silver edging.



Mens Black Steel Spurs

mens inlaid floral spurs 78-9953

Black Steel Spur with Inlaid Floral Design

Black steel spurs with inlaid silver floral design. 10 pt rowel




Mens Deck Of Cards Spurs

deck of cards spurs 78-1916-2

Deck of Cards Spurs

Antique brown spurs with engraved silver cards and dice design. 10 pt rowel.





Mens & Ladies Western Spurs

Western Spurs

FES Engraved Pleasure Horse Spur 9 Point Rowel   

Engraved brushed steel pleasure horse spur. 1" band, 2½" neck.

Mens or Ladies



Mens Twisted Rope Spurs

mens twisted rope spurs 78-8860

Twisted Rope Spurs

Stainless steel twisted rope design

Mens Silver Spurs

mens etched silver spurs 78-803

Mens Etched Show Spurs

A classy looking stainless steel show spur. 1" band with distinctive etched edges and free swinging brass buttons. 2" curved shank with 10 point brass rowel.


Mens Antique Spurs

mens antique spurs 78-9951

Antique Brown Etched Silver Star Spur

Antique brown spurs with etched silver design and star cutout. Gooseneck shank and 10 pt rowel.




Spur Tie Downs

spur tie downs

Spur Tie Downs

Great for keeping spur tight.

Heavy gauge rubber