Delta Hoof Boots

Delta Hoof Boots

Excellent for all-terrain hoof protection. The Delta Hoof Boot provides comfort for horses with sensitive soles, protection for bare foot horses, or for rehabilitation from hoof injuries. The Delta Hoof Boot can also add protection and extra traction for the shod horse.

Features and Benefits :
-Easy to put on and take off; stays securely on the foot
-Raised inner rim offers built in sole relief
-Foam filled back flap and collar for added comfort and protection
-Durable nylon upper with industrial grade Velcro closures
-High Performance urethane outsole shock absorption while providing traction similar to an unshod foot
-Drainage holes keep the feet dry and healthy
-Pastern wraps available for extended wear 


(Hoof Length)

Size 000
102mm - 109mm
Size 00 110mm - 117mm
Size 0 118mm - 125mm
Size 1
126mm - 133mm
Size 2
134mm - 141mm
Size 3
142mm - 149mm
Size 4
150mm - 157mm

Cavallo Hoof Boots

cavallo hoof boot pastern wrap #cvspw90x

Cavallo Hoof Boot Pastern Wrap

For those who would like additional protection to the SIMPLE Boot softee-leather covered foam collar, we offer the Cavallo Pastern Wrap.

Sold in pairs

Small fits simple boot size 0-2

Medium fits simple boot size 3-4

Large fits simple boot size 5-6


Pastern Wrap Fit1 Velcro the Cavallo wrap around the hoof, keeping it low to the ground around the bottom of the bulb and drawing the elastic diagonally upward from back to front

pastern wrap fit 2  Place the boot on the hoof, toe first, ensuring that the wrap lies flat. Velcro the red tab from the pastern wrap onto the red Velcro on the tongue of the boot.

fit 3  Carry on your boot fastening procedure as normal.


Remember that there is a break-in period required to soften the leather at the bulbs and around the collar of your horse's new boots. Like your own riding boots, it is recommended that time is taken to gradually break-in your boots. The first day the boots should be worn for 20-30 minutes, during turn-out or riding. The next day, you can increase the time and so on. Horse's hoofs, skin thickness, bulb sensitivity and conditioning can carry, so please monitor the wear and increase time in the boots as appropriate. You can speed up the break-in process by using a leather softener of your choice and/or riding through water

Special order please allow approx 2-3 weeks