Shapley's MTG

Shapley's M-T-G 946ml

Original M-T-G has been providing quick and effective relief from numerous skin ailments since 1938! 
Originally formulated for humans, this safe and easy to use product is the only one needed for relief from a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems, such as : Rain Rot Scratches Girth Itch Sweet Itch Dry Skin Tail/Mane Rubbing Original M-T-G provides results after just one application!
Formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating the skin problem, it conditions the skin and hair around the damaged area, promoting both healthy skin and maximum hair growth. In fact, Original M-T-G has proven to work exceptionally well promoting hair growth. Users report up to 3 inches of new growth on manes and tails in a single month. Original M-T-G creates a healthy environment for the hair follicle, resulting in maximum growth while keeping the length of the hair shaft soft and pliable for minimum breakage.
Original M-T-G is a time-tested, user-supported solution to both skin healing and hair growth in a single bottle. An oil-based product that does not require washing or water for application, it is not only easy to use, but great for cold weather. 
Original M-T-G is also safe and effective on dogs and other animals skin problems, such as hot spots, itching and dry skin.

Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

The one-stop management system and the most cost-effective approach for a wide range of leg injuries & wound management problems.


The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice has been developed by leading international veterinarians, trainers and horsemen whose responsibility it is to manage horse injuries.

The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice assists in the management of strains and sprains, cellulitis, shin soreness, bruising, swelling and inflammation of horse’s legs and also for the treatment of open wounds.

The unique combination of natural essential herbal oils in a glycerine base provides an ideal natural dressing for inflamed tissues and wounds that has been tested by veterinarians in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful and demanding trainers in a range of challenging environments.

The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice provides the secrets to managing wounds and lower limb problems in a simple, easy-to-use system.


How to apply the Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

1. Before using the Decron Leg Wrap Poultice, thoroughly clean the wound area or inflamed limb with a non-irritant antiseptic scrub and clean your own hands thoroughly.

2. Remove leg wrap from packaging and cut poultice wrap to required size.

3. Peel away the plastic film to expose the gel side of poultice wrap, and apply gel to affected area.

4. Place a leg pad over the gel wrap, and cover firmly with a bandage ensuring an airtight environment.

Tuffrock poultice

TuffRock Poultice


TuffRock Poultice


TuffRock Poultice™ is generally regarded as safe (GRAS)


Helps recovery from impact injuries, swelling, cuts & abrasions. Soothes and cools extremely quickly by instantly removing heat from damaged areas using the same principals as a plate heat exchanger to reach under the skin and provide relief to areas that need it most.


Horses readily accept poultice application, just apply a small amount to damaged area, step back and let the horse feel the soothing effect, then apply 5 – 7 mm thick to injured area. Please ensure cover extends to at least 2 inches outside effected area.


Can be used without bandaging, or otherwise apply liberally, cover with damp paper, plastic and lightly wrap. Pressure bandaging is not required. 


Can be used to indicate rate of injury recovery or identify problem areas simply by observing wet and dry patterns over 45 minute period. Poultice remains active (damp) longer on injured areas, non-injured areas dry normally.


TuffRock Poultice™ is generally regarded by our customers as far superior to any product on the world market today and highly recommend every float or barn to have a 1.8 kg tub at all times. Also available in 8 kgs bucket. 


1.8Kg  $25.00

8Kg  $65.00

Kelato Swell Down

Kelato Swell Down 2.25kg

SwellDOWN’s special mix of clay and unique medicated ingredients reduces swelling and has a cooling effect on injuries caused by hard knocks or jarring. Medicated formula is fast, effective and ready to use. Easily washed off after use.

Eqiutex Medicated Poultice Dressing

equitex medicated poultice dressing

Equitex Medicated Poultice Dressing

  • Contains a mild antiseptic, Boric Acid (60g/kg) which is the main active ingredient and also contains Tragacanth (136g/kg). 
  • 100% cotton dressing with a non woven cover that can be applied to the wound or area and has a plastic cover on the reverse side to help keep the bandage together and to help retain heat (when used as a hot dressing). 
  • Has a variety of uses and can be used as a hot dressing, cold dressing, dry dressing or even for pressure padding. 
  • Can be cut to size, as required
  • Dressing size: 20cm x 40cm.
  • Extensive trials conducted with leading equine veterinarians, horse trainers and horse studs.


  • Filta Bac

    Filta Bac 120gm

    Filta-bac is an antibacterial, antiseptic and wound protectant cream for use on dogs and cats. It can be used to clean and prevent infection in wounds and scratches. It also contains a sunscreen, to prevent sunburn in exposed areas.

    Active Constituents (Per g)

    • Titanium Dioxide 140mg
    • Zinc Oxide 80mg
    • Benzalkonium Chloride 0.8mg
    • Cetrimide 3mg

    Filta Bac


    Filta Bac 500gm

    Filta-bac is an antibacterial, antiseptic and wound protectant cream for use on dogs and cats. It can be used to clean and prevent infection in wounds and scratches. It also contains a sunscreen, to prevent sunburn in exposed areas.

    Active Constituents (Per g)

    • Titanium Dioxide 140mg
    • Zinc Oxide 80mg
    • Benzalkonium Chloride 0.8mg
    • Cetrimide 3mg

    NRG Pro-Tect Cream

    NRG Pro-Tect Cream

    Pro-tect Barrier Cream is a physical barrier product for topical application to animals.

    Based on old Irish formulae passed down thru the generations of horse lovers as a means of helping protect horse’s legs from water and mud, Pro-tect Barrier Cream is made from natural oils that assist in repelling water, especially in winter and wet conditions. The cream is easy to apply and, best of all, can stay on for some days at a time.

    May we suggest you apply with minimum rubbing to lower heels and legs where horses may be standing or grazing in wet or muddy conditions.

    Quickheal Greasy Heel Ointment 450g

    quickheal ointment 450g

    Quickheal 450g


    QuikHEAL ointment, containing ingredients including sulphur and copper sulphate, is an antifungal ointment for eliminating Greasy Heel fast. The lipid base means it is not only easy to apply but also works as a water barrier to help keep moisture away from the area.

    The antifungal and antibacterial properties of QuikHEAL mean it is also excellent at helping to relieve general skin disorders such as mange, girth rash, nicks and cuts, rain scald, dermatitis.

    White Healer Cream

    white healer 100g

    Ranvet White Healer Cream

    Powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity.
    * Strong astringent and germicidal action.
    * Safe, effective and easy first aid for all skin
    damage and infections.
    * No added pharmaceutical drugs.
    * Smooth, easy to apply zinc cream base.
    * All natural ingredients.


    Protects a wide variety of wounds and
    * Controls infection of skin wounds.
    * Controls fungal skin infections.
    * Protects skin wounds whilst simultaneously
    encouraging healing.
    * For use on a wide variety of skin ailments
    including minor skin wounds, rope burns,
    greasy heel, rain scald, mud fever and skin
    irritations associated with girth galls and
    cracked heels.
    * Able to be used in conjunction with Ranvet
    Dermaguard Wash to control fungal infections
    in horses and camels.
    * Non-toxic

    Clean dirt or dried discharge from the area of application. Apply Ranvet White Healer liberally to the affected
    area once or twice daily until the condition is resolved.


    Debrisol Pump Spray 125ml

    Debrisol Pump spray 125ml

    Debrisol Pump Spray 500ml

    An aid in removing pus, dead and decaying tissue from wounds, ulcers, abscesses and to promote growth of healthy tissue with minimum scarring in dogs, horses, cattle, pigs and sheep.

    Ranvet Yellow Lotion

    yellow lotion 1l #

    Yellow Lotion 1L

    Antiseptic, astrigent wound lotion. Promotes healing in granulating wounds and helps stop the formation of proud flesh.


    cetrigen #


    Cetrigen is a purple antibacterial wound spray, formulated for the treatment of superficial cuts and wounds. It assists in drying the wound, thus aiding the natural healing process and decreasing the attractive nature of the wound for the flies. Cetrigen also contains insect repellants to prevent insects and maggots being attracted to the area and irritating the horse and wound further.   Centrigen's drying effect is useful as it further decreases the attractiveness of the wound for bacteria and insects.

    The bright purple colour enables you to know exactly where you have sprayed it on the animal and to allow rapid assessment of how many and which animals you have treated.

    Directions for Use:
    Spray a light layer directly onto wound. Clean any run off away.

    Troy Chloromide

    troy chloromide #tr4110

    Troy Chloromide 500ml

    This is an Antiseptic spray that id ideal to be used as an aid in the treatment of topical infections and bacterial skin disease, wounds, cuts and abrasions.

    Antiseptic, insect repellent.
    A bitter to acid smell and taste reduce interference by licking by the patient.

    For use on cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and dogs as an aid in the treatment of topical infections and bacterial skin diseases, wounds, cuts and abrasions.

    Blackmores Manuka Wound Gel

    blackmores manuka wound gel

    Blackmores PAW Manuka Wound Gel

    PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ is a sterile medical grade wound dressing made from Leptospermum.sp (Manuka) honey (80%) and natural oils and waxes for wound management. It is ideal for dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals with wounds, burns, grazes and as a general first aid.

    PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ provides the following beneficial properties:

    • Protects the wound
    • Helps maintain natural wound pH
    • Remove Malodour
    • Reduces and prevents contamination, external bacteria colonisation and infection
    • May assist in removal of slough and necrotic tissues
    • Natural & non-toxic for animals
    • Minimal heat treatment to preserve honey’s natural properties
    • Special blend of natural waxes and oils to reduce the stinging associated with pure honey
    • Non-adherent gel to reduce trauma at dressing change.