Oregon Stockman Breastplate

Oregon Stockmans Breastplate

Oregon leatherwear is made from the finest American cowhide and tanned using a vegetable pit tanning process. The surface finish is completely natural and lacquer free. This is possible because each hide is individually selected for it's blemish free appearance. 

The leather is pre-oiled prior to sale for a soft and supple appearance. It is recommended that leather be regularly cleaned with saddle soap and occasionally treated with a good quality leather oil to ensure its lasting suppleness and strength. 

This Stockman's breastplate has a distinctive design with decorative creame padding and brass swage buckles.
The breastplate also features a buckle-on running martingale that can be removed if not required. 

Aintree Breastplate

Aintree Breastplate with Elastic

Commonly referred to as a "Y" breastplate, this model is a simpler variation of the hunting style breastplate and is popular in showjumping. 

The base of the neck straps sit higher up the horse's chest and form a more direct line of contact to the saddle dees when compared to a traditional hunting style. The neck straps have heavy duty elastic inserts to ensure that they do not inhibit the horse's shoulder movement. 

This model comes complete with a running martingale fitting that may be removed when not required. 

Full Size 

Pinnacle Fancy Stitch Breastplate

Kirby Fancy Stitch Breastplate #31173

Pinnacle Fancy Stitch Breastplate

  • Raised with fancy contrast stitching
  • Includes adjustable and removable standing martingale attachment
  • Caramel Colour

    Premier Raised Fancy Breastplate

    Premier Raised Fancy Stitched Breastplate

  • Made from ¾” wide, supple and beautifully crafted buffalo leather
  • Features the raised fancy stitched pattern in matching havana thread
  • Removable standing martingale attachment
  • Nice for entry level shows, schooling or training
  • Heavy duty hardware
  • COB Size
  • Pessoa Breastplates

    Pessoa Breastplate

    A beautifully crafter martingale with a thin elastic breastplate and D-Ring martingale included.

    Available in Oakbark, Irish  or Black

    Schutz German Martingale

    Schutz German Martingale AD8019HL
    German Martingale, An Amazing Training Aid!

    Schutz German Martingale


    Made from Schutz Brothers' premium Hermann Oak harness leather. Neck strap holds the martingale properly allowing variable headsetting in any of 3 positions.

    Available in Single or Split rein style.

    Grainge Breastplates

    Grainge Elite 5 Point Breastplease

    Premium English sedgwick leather with soft sheepskin padding and strong durable elastic.

    Available in Black or Havana

    Eurohunter Martingale

    Eurohunter Martingale

    Full size only

    Zilco Running Martingales

    zilco running martingale #9157xx

    Zilco Running Martingale

    Made from strong synthetic webbing that is easy to look after.

    Available in Black only.

    Market harborough

    aintree market harborough #91454x

    Aintree Market Harborough

    For positioning horse's head correctly when training.

    Available in Havana only.

    Martingale Stops

    zilco martingale stops #916551

    Zilco Martingale Stop

    Moulded rubber for running and standing martingales.