Schutz Oiled Harness Reins

Schutz Oiled Harness Leather Reins

Our premium harness leather reins with a light oil dressing.


8 Foot long, 5/8'' width


Schutz Weighted Front Reins

Schutz Weighted Front Reins

Lead shot inserts weight the front of these reins to aid proper carriage of head. 3/4" Wide Hermann Oak harness leather with Waterloop Ends.

3/4'' Wide

Code: 7066HL


Schutz Show Harness Reins

Schutz Show Harness 5/8''

Like peaches and cream, our show harness leather and silver trim were meant for each other. ᅠA pleasure to use, combined with timeless beauty, always a winner! 7 foot plus in length. Silver Buckle Ends.

Code: 75721SHL

Code: 75721SHL

Schutz Harness Show Reins

Schutz Harness Leather Reins with Silver Buckle Ends

Add a little sparkle for the eye while the horse and rider enjoy the mellow feel of these harness leather reins. Hermann Oak leather, 7 foot plus in 5/8'' wide. With silver buckle sets. Silver is hand-cut sterling silver plate.


Schutz Harness Show Reins

Schutz Harness Leather Show Reins

5/8'' Show harness leather reins have a full grain golden gloss finish. The edges are dyed for a more polished look. the mellow feel associated with harness leather remains intact. 7 Foot plus in length.


Herman Oak Leather Reins

hermann oak leather

Herman Oak Leather Reins

3/4'' x 9ft long



Joseph Sterling Plaited Long Reins

Joseph Sterling Extra Long Plaited Reins

Great for Hunter Under Saddle Classes

  • Traditional buckle ends
  • Hooks at bit ends
  • Stainless hardware
  • Suitable for show or pleasure
  • 64" x 5/8"
  • Havana  


  • CODE:30573

Horsemanship Snaffle Bit Reins

horsemanship snaffle bit reins
Horsemanship Snaffle Bit Reins

5/8'' white yaht braid can be tied together or left split.

White with Black Fleck


Grainge Leather Reins

Grainge Elite Padded Reins

Available in Black or Havana

Eurohunter Leather Reins

Eurohunter Padded Reins

Available in Black or Havana

Nylon Rubber Grip Reins

Nylon Rubber Grip Reins

Two tone woven nylon reins with white rubber hand grip and trigger snap ends for attaching to the bit.These reins are great for sporting days and anyone who like short reins and grip

Oregon Rubber Grip Reins

Oregon Rubber Grip Reins
Oregon reins are made from the finest American cowhide and are tanned using a vegetable pit tanning process. The surface finish is completely natural and lacquer free. This is possible because each hide is individually selected for it's blemish free appearance. 

The leather is pre-oiled prior to sale for a soft and supple appearance. It is recommended that leather be regularly cleaned with saddle soap and occasionally treated with a good quality leather oil to ensure its lasting suppleness and strength. 

This model features rubber hand parts for excellent grip in all weather conditions, and stainless steel buckle ends to attach at the bit. 


Cotton Reins With Buckles

cotton rein with brass buckles

Cotton Reins with Brass Fittings

Quality stock style cotton reins with Australian Leather & brass fittings for a quality finish.


Eurohunter Soft Rope Reins

eurohunter soft rope reins #kwrein

Eurohunter Soft Rope Reins

Ideal for use with a bitless bridle. Can be used either as split or closed reins.

Available in Black only

Schutz Slobber Straps

Schutz Harness Leather Slobber Straps

Easy-Change slobber strap with no need to untie the reins to change bits. Made from rich, chocolate harness leather with dyed edges.

ZCode: 9091CHO